Recorded Nightly Nets

UPDATE: Net recordings are available through 2016.

Original post by KD2AIT:

Hi all, I wanted to let everyone know that I have been working on a way to automatically record the nightly service net and then automatically post it to this site.  Using VBScript in combination with Echolink, and windows/linux task managers, I setup the following routine on the Windows and Linux boxes that are connected to echolink:

  1. 8:58pm shill logs in via windows task manager
    This is just my own account logging into echolink.  At least one account must be logged in for echolink to record QSO’s.  I call this my shill account.
  2. 8:59pm recording starts
    This is called by the windows task manager too
  3. 10:00pm recording stops
    Called by windows task manager
  4. 10:01pm shill logs out
    Called by windows task manager
  5. 10:05pm recording is converted to mp3 and moved to the BARC site.
    Using the linux server this site is hosted on, I connect to the windows machine via a network mount.  Using LAME, I encode the WAV file into an MP3, and then transfer it to a directory on this site.  I then rename the old wave file to a different file type so it can be deleted later.  All of this step is done by using PHP and then have it executed every night at 10:05PM with crontab.

Now that all the processing is complete, you can then access the new net on this page:

I hope to package up this system and release it to the public so other clubs can do the same thing.

– Jeff KD2AIT

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