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Pete,I’m listening to the round table net on broadcastify. I put together some links on our club website for newer/aspiring hams. You are more than welcome to copy and paste any of them to the site you are working on. I haven’t checked them recently for dead links.
73,Ed, KE8ANU http://ohiohams.net/?q=ham_information

Ham Information

Amateur Radio Service must comply with Part 97 of the FCC Rules
Many of the area Amateur Radio clubs offer testing sessions and some offer classes to help prepare for taking the amateur radio license tests. Check out the club’s website and/or contact the club to find out when these are being offered. Other useful information about licensing can be found on the ARRL getting licensed page  


  • Dave Casler’s youtube channel   – He has a series of videos that go along with the ARRL study guides for Amateur Radio License tests.
  • K7AGE’s Youtube chanel Useful videos by Randy about antennas, radios and other things ham radio related.
  • AmateurLogic – monthly show about ham radio, they also have a video series called Ham College help prepare for the technician test.
  • Ham Nation -Popular weekly video show about Amatuer Radio 


  • ARRL -The National Association for Amateur Radio – This is the go-to website to find out about testing sessions, ham fests, and a lot of other useful information.
  • AA9PW -FCC Exam Practice website. I used this a lot to prepare for the technician test.
  • HamExam – FCC test practice website
  • Ham Test Prep -android app. I used this to prepare for the general test
  • David Casler’s website   -David Casler’s Amateur Radio web site
  • Mount Vernon Amateur Radio Club – they have a free to download study guide for the Technician License in their documents section on their site.
  • QSL Card Creator – Create a QSL card PDF file to print out on card stock
  • http://www.miklor.com/  – In depth Information about Chinese radios and other useful information
  • http://vk5ajl.com/projects/baluns.php – VK5AJL site has Information about baluns, how they work and how they are constructed and information about other projects.
  • http://www.jpole-antenna.com/2015/04/29/running-an-effective-skywarn-net/ – How to run an effective skywarn net
  • http://websdr.org/ – Tune around the bands at different locations thorughout the world using your web browser.  A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. SDR technology makes it possible that all listeners tune independently, and thus listen to different signals; this is in contrast to the many classical receivers that are already available via the internet.
  • http://wb8nut.com/digital/ – WB8NUT’s page about digital modes. It has sound clips so you can hear the different modes.
  • http://aprs.mennolink.org – VHF Propogation Map. The map shows activity that has happened in the past hour. Paths are combined to create color-coded footprint indicating the distance VHF signals are likely to be traveling. Packet stations typically run low power into small vertical antennas. Better equipped stations should exceed the the distances…
  • https://sourceforge.net/projects/fldigi/files/AndFlmsg/ – AndFLDigi is FlDigi and FLMsg for android
  • Intro to DMR project – https://github.com/wd8kni/DMR-Documentation-Project  – information about DMR that is a work in progress. There is a PDF file listed that can be downloaded to read.


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