Boonville Amateur Radio Club

Boonville, New York, Oneida County
President:   Dan Hirschey N2OYQ   ten.tenreitnorfnull@94hleinad
Vice Pres:   Pete Minelli   KD2QLL  moc.oohaynull@1doowtrad
Secretary:   Handley Jackson KA2SJG   moc.reitnorfnull@jyeldnah
Treasurer:   Dick Satterly WD2ADX   moc.reitnorfnull@ylrettasrnala
Repeater:  146.655  negative offset, no tone. Callsign KC2NBU  Echolink node KD2AIT-R
VHF Net:   Black River Valley Service Net  9:00 PM every night.
The net is currently inactive. We need net control stations. Don’t be shy. If you don’t hear the net being called, please put out a call or take the net control position for the evening. Call your friends and ask them to get on the repeater. You do not have to be a club member. You can download the net preamble and format here or just wing it.
HF Nets: No regular club HF net but you may find KC2WI on the New York State Phone Traffic & Emergency Net 6PM every evening 3925, North Country Group Net Sunday 8AM 3958, Carrier Net 9AM (pre-net 8:30) 3935 every morning except Sunday, Graveyard Net 3967 7-8 AM, ECARS 7255
Meetings:  Regular meeting schedule: 7:00 PM, Third Tuesday of every month,  except December February, and March.  Meetings are held at the Dodge Pratt Northam Art and Community Center, 106 Schuyler Street.

Membership: The Boonville Amateur Radio Club is looking for new members. If you have an interest in ham radio, please contact a club member or attend a meeting. We would love to have you join us. You do not need to have a license.  Applications for membership are reviewed by the club members.

Get Your License!

We would love to help you get your Amateur Radio  license. There are numerous on-line resources and club members are available to answer questions. Please contact us.

Repeater Supporters Needed

If you use the Boonville repeater, please help support the repeater. Actual club membership is very small, but the repeater covers a wide area and there are many users. We would like to keep the repeater up and running reliably for regular and emergency use but we need the financial support of all users to do so. Your voluntary repeater dues will help to keep this north country communications resource available to all. We really need your support. You can send a check to the club treasurer or donate on line using a credit card or Paypal.